kartSTART presented by Toyota is a unique family driving education program that is designed to give teenagers and their families a true – real-world – understanding of the physics behind driving a motorized vehicle.

$79 + HST

A $250 value!

Our half-day course gives youngsters – 10 years and older – a driving experience in vehicles that fit them… go-karts. Our driving experience includes: Professional Racing Kart, Qualified Instructors, Use of Snell approved Helmet, Use of CIK Racing Suit, Safety Driving exercise for the whole Family and a Catered Lunch. That’s a $250 value for only &79 + HST. Our expert instructors give our new drivers a clear understanding behind the physics and dynamics of driving a motorized vehicle in a closed course environment.
In addition, the families that attend our kartSTART program are mentored in the latest safety developments in road cars. We exclusively use Toyota – well known for their commitment to safety – vehicles to demonstrate the safety systems contained within the vehicles. This gives the entire family a better understanding of how to make the most out of the STAR safety systems available to them in Toyota passenger vehicles.Our goal at kartSTART is two things. Firstly, to give young drivers their first experience behind the wheel. Secondly, to give the entire family a better understanding of current STAR safety systems available from Toyota. Find out more about the Toyota Star Safety systems at www.toyota.ca