“The kartSTART program is very unique in several ways,” says Russ Bond, owner of Russ Bond Agency, Inc (RBA). “What we teach here is how a vehicle works. What makes it go, what makes it stop, and what makes it turn. We teach our students what is happening to the vehicle as they travel down the road. The key here is we teach youngsters in vehicles that fit them, our karts.”

“The program here at kartSTART is very innovative,” Bond adds. “I always put it into a hockey sense so it’s easier for parents to understand. If you have two 16-year-olds and they want to start playing hockey, but one has been playing since he was 12 years old, and one has never been on skates, it’s easy to tell who will be the better hockey player. It’s the same thing with driving. Here, we help teenagers prepare for the daunting task of driving on today’s roads with the masses…it’s as simple as that.” Bond sums it up perfectly with, “Driving is a life skill, and we give our students the first step in that process.”

In addition, we have several “kids” that give our students a better understanding of just what can be accomplished with some proper training. “We put together a great group of personnel to help our families get the most out of the day,” Bond says. “Every journey is made with a first step; our job is to make sure that our families’ first step is in the right direction.”

Russ Bond Agency, Inc (RBA) owner Russ Bond has been involved in the automobile industry for over 30 years. He is a well-respected automotive journalist, as well as a retired professional racing driver. Bond brings his wealth of experience to aid new drivers in getting the most out of their first experience behind the wheel.