This is the most common question we get asked: “Why should we attend the kartSTART day?”

Well, the answer is simple, yet fairly complex in a way. To better understand it, I always try to point out that “driving” is more than just driving… it is paramount that you understand what is going on all the time.

You see, driving is actually a two-part process – there is the driving part, and the rules of the road part. Our area of concern is the driving part; we are not here to teach you the rules of the road. We are here to teach you how a vehicle works so you can better understand what you need to do to maintain control of your vehicle.

We have seen this time and time again from the parents of our karting leagues; they all say the same thing: “You have to teach him/her to drive, because he/she will be driving my car soon… and to be honest that scares me.”

This essentially is how the program was born: To fulfill parents’ need to give their kids some driving instruction before they turn 16 and head out in a car.

Our karts are the perfect size for kids to get their first experience. It is not a 3000lb car. It is a basic motorized vehicle that is proportionate to the size of the driver. We show them how the kart works, we put them in the karts with our instructors leading them and they learn about how the steering works, how the throttle works, how the brakes work, and more importantly, they understand how all these things work together.

There’s no nice way to say it, but the problem with driving is accidents… they can kill. It’s a touchy subject that many just don’t want to face, but I like to tackle it head on.

With our program, if a driver goes too fast they will spin the kart – but that is all. From everyone’s perspective, it is much, much better for that to happen here in our karts, where we can simply walk over to the driver and talk to them about what happened.

In a car, when it leaves the road, there is stuff to hit… lots of it.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying that drivers that go through our program will never have an accident, but what I am saying is that for sure they will have a much better understanding of when it is about to happen, and more importantly, know what to do about it before it happens – that is why you should take our program.

For the whole family, part of the session is focused on the safety systems of passenger cars. The VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), ABS (anti-lock brake) the TC (traction control) the EBDS (electronic brake force), BA (Brake Assist) and SST (Smart Stop Technology) are systems we explain to our families with real demonstrations.

Our program is a 1/2 day of learning in a fun, customer-friendly environment that helps the whole family.