Marcus is Thrilled with the kartSTART Experience!

“What an awesome day on the track! Marcus was thrilled to participate in Toyota’s kartSTART program at Flamboro Speedway - and we were just as thrilled to watch him do it! Because Marcus uses a wheelchair, we had thought go karting would never be possible for him. But kartSTART has hand-controlled go karts!
Russ worked to set Marcus up just right so he could operate the hand controls. His strong upper body helped him muscle his way around the track while Russ and the other coaches rode around him to show him the racing line, teaching him when to brake for optimal cornering all the way around. Thank you kartSTART for making the thrill of go karting accessible!” — (Caroline and David)

photos courtesy of Caroline Craig

photos courtesy of Caroline Craig

“It was so fun and I was excited that the suit and car looked so professional! 

I can’t wait to try another race track this summer.”

photo courtesy of Caroline Craig

photo courtesy of Caroline Craig

What is the HAND-CONTROLLED KART and why is it different from the standard go-karts?

The Hand-Controlled Karts are made specifically with all the controls on the steering wheel so that a participant who is unable to use the foot pedals because of a lower body impairment can participate seamlessly with all the other participants.

PLEASE NOTE the minimum age for these karts is 14 years old because of the extra upper body strength required to control the throttle, brakes and steering in unison.

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