Everyone is Welcome!

At kartSTART presented by Toyota, our goal is to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to improve their self-confidence and have a wonderful experience.  Over the years, our program has welcomed many young people that may have not been included in similar programs because of their unique challenges.  Like our sponsor, Toyota, whose motto is "Mobility For All", we believe that in order to let an individual shine and be the best they can be, we can't put limits in their way.  We must encourage them to extend themselves and strive for the stars.

July 2016

July 2016

Leanne is one Mom who is thankful that we were able to include her son in our program.  Leanne and her son have attended a kartSTART presented by Toyota event at least once or twice each year for the last several years.


"I believe that you (kartSTART) were exactly what (my son) needed the day we 'found' you by accident", says Leanne.  "The whole team has always been supportive and friendly.  Your mission may be teaching the next generation to drive safely, however, you have also sparked a passion for cars, a way to socialize on another level, and a boost to a young man's self esteem."

" This is why I love Kartstart. They are family! "

If you have a child that you think may benefit from our program, but are just not quite sure if it is a good fit, please do not hesitate to call us or drop us an email.  We love to bend over backwards to help.  It is ingrained in our nature and besides it is good exercise.